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Time for a Fresh Start!

Located in Cincinnati, OH. Transitus, Food Forest and Mercy Health all share a common interest in improving healthy food access and strengthening local food systems in their community. Additionally, these organizations share a common understanding of the importance of eCommerce and delivery services as a way to improve healthy food access in a city where the rate of food insecurity is approximately 18.5% or 7.4% higher than the national average of 11.1%

Produce Prescription Program

The produce Prescription Program is run by Produce Perks Midwest, one of the leaders in incentive based programming for SNAP recipients. Their Flagship program is a dollar for dollar match on Fresh Fruits and vegetables when you pay with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). But what about the people that don't have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables?

Food Forest, Produce Perks and Mercy Health all have the right ingredients to make that happen. Mercy Health (One of the leading Healthcare providers in greater Cincinnati has the data. When it comes to Who needs help, they know. Food Forest brings the logistics. Their innovative approach to the last mile allows produce boxes to "hitch a ride" along the delivery route of un related items. Produce Perks brings the experience. An organization that has over a decade of experience in leading incentive based programming. Together Transitus has helped these organizations facilitate their technical and platform needs to be able to execute this strategy.

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