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Our Mission

Provide innovative programs and platforms for food access, healthcare access, workforce development, and sustainability in traditionally underserved areas







Our Process

We seek out bold ideas from people with the right mix of talent, creativity, and grit. We connect them to the right industry partners and support them along their journey 

The right resources

We connect the right people with the right resources to eliminate problems in their community.


501 (c) (3) Status

Transitus is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, meaning the IRS has recognized that it is a tax-exempt public charity. When you make a donation to Transitus to support one of our programs, your donation will be totally tax-deductible.

-Robert Lane, Executive Director


Doner Advised Funds

Transitus is a framework that allows you to match the technical skills and expertise with the issues that you are most passionate about. We help you deliver scalable and equitable technology in the areas of highest need

Moving Forward Together

Transitus’ “moving Forward Together” initiative focuses on identifying, vetting, and incentivization effective industry leaders to collaborate with talented student teams. These teams focus on rapidly designing and deploying sustainable technology solutions that enable impactful social mobility in communities. With a proven track record of enableing successful student/industry collaborations, Transitus and its partners are excited to continue making a pathway for sustainability led by the next generation of leaders

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans


Help your underserved neighbors access fresh, healthy groceries by supporting Food Forest, an app that offers free grocery delivery throughout Greater Cincinnati. Your donation will go directly to families most in need of Food Forest’s services

Solar Energy

Our Perspectives



We look for new approaches or new problems that require new thinking. Let’s look beyond the way we’ve always done things.



We look for simple but powerful tools that will amplify the impact of services and increase engagement in our communities.



We look for ways to build bridges between islands of opportunity or isolated resources to make great programs even better.



We look for solutions with the potential to transform, not just transact — because if we’re in this for the long haul, we need a strong and lasting foundation.

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